If work is all about doing, then the soul is all about being: the indiscriminate enjoyer of everything that comes our way. If work is the world, then the soul is our home. THE HEART AROUSED explores the possibility of being at home in the world, melding soul life with work life, the inner ocean of longing and belonging with the outer ground of strategy and organizational control.

In The Heart Aroused, David Whyte brings his unique perspective as poet and consultant to the workplace, opening readers' eyes to a neglected side of corporate life, showing how fulfilling work can be when we face our fears and follow our dreams. Going beneath the surface concerns about products and profits, organization and order. Whyte addresses the needs of the heart and soul, and the fears and desires that many workers keep hidden.



The Heart Aroused is truly extraordinary. It brings a poet’s ever-deepening imagination to the world of business and work. It steadies us, gives us grounding, and offers profound images for locating our work deep in the soul. The very style of the book presents a new dimension of language and reflection, with a contemplative tempo, that could help us radically and fruitfully reimagine the workplace.
— Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul