There are those we know
not far beneath this green land
with whom
we have not spoken for a long time,
who remember
what we have forgotten.

One day they will speak again,
surprised at their own voices
singing the old song,
how the earth is given and taken,
how the world will come again.
— David Whyte

First, please read the brochure.

What is the diference between the three tours?

All of David's tours follow the same rhythm: Breakfast with other participants (or on your own if you prefer), followed by a talk that sets the tone for the walks, which usually begin after lunch. In addition, each tour has a particular flavor, based on its theme - the celtic imagination and appreciation for music, language and poetry for the Ireland tour, imagining the next step into your life for the Lakes tour and exploring what it means to harvest in Italy. However, the central component in each is David's philosophical talks and poetry, a sense of both reflection and celebration, and daily hikes into the landscape.

What will the weather be like?

Temperatures may fluctuate from 50 - 80 degrees fahrenheit. Rain at some point is inevitable; the only question is its frequency. Wind is the norm. 

What does our accommodation look like? And the terrain for the walks?

For the accommodation, you can go to their website. For the terrain, please have a look through the slides on the main page for this tour. These photographs were chosen specifically to give you an indication of the terrain.

Can I take a train to Bank Ground Farm?

It's best to take a train to Windermere, and taxi from there to Bank Ground. 

What should I bring?

There's a very basic clothing list in the brochure. If you have specific questions, please feel free to email Julie. This is a trip focused primarily out of doors, so comfort should be paramount. Follow your own inclination as to whether you'd like to change into something else for the evening, or for the last night's gathering. This is optional. 

Where do we go? I want to plan extra time, but I don't want to duplicate the trip

The Lake District is so large and spectacular, you do not need to be concerned about duplication. Just follow your interest. 

Any ideas for accommodation in the area if I'm staying on afterward or arriving early?

If you're looking for a lovely cottage, Lakeland Cottage Company is a good place to begin.

Any suggested reading material?

No. If you enjoy reading about places before you go, simply follow your interest, be it geological, historical, literary, or spiritual -- or all of the above. 

Still have questions? Email Julie Quiring.