What is the diference between the three tours?

All of David's tours follow the same rhythm: Breakfast with other participants (or on your own if you prefer), followed by a talk that sets the tone for the walks, which usually begin after lunch. In addition, each tour has a particular flavor, based on its theme - the Celtic imagination and appreciation for music, language and poetry for the Ireland tour, and imagining the next step into your life in the companionship of Wordsworth amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Lake District on the English tour. In Italy, we explore the image of harvest in a human life, and the invitation that occurs when we set a table and break bread together.

The central component in each is David's philosophical talks and poetry, a sense of both reflection and celebration, and daily hikes into the landscape.

What will the weather be like?

Temperatures may fluctuate from 60 - 90 degrees fahrenheit. Rain is possible, particularly into September; normally it makes an appearance in short, very heavy downfalls. There will be mosquitoes. This is common in autumn in the Mediterranean.

What does our accommodation look like? And the terrain for the walks?

You can peruse the website for Fattoria la Loggia to get a sense of the beauty of the buildings and the area.There is a charming, eccentric variation to the rooms themselves.Depending on the size of the group, we also take one or more properties along the same road, all within five minutes' walk of Fattora la Loggia.

The walks are mostly along infrequently used dirt roads, with one or two trail sections.Tuscany is hilly, and there are steep portions.

Do you have any hotels to recommend in Florence?

There are so many good options, from basic to five star. You probably don't need our help to find five star accommodations to your liking, so here is a charming, less expensive option:

Hotel Annalena - this is a simple hotel a five minute walk from the historical center, near the Pitti Palace. 

Where do we go? I want to plan extra time, but I don't want to duplicate the trip.

The trip is centered on walking and small villages; anywhere we go would be worthy of a longer stay, should you so choose. We like to keep the itinerary a surprise, and flexible, however, if you have a specific question please do not hesitate to ask.

Any suggested reading material?

No. If you enjoy reading about places before you go, simply follow your interest, be it geological, historical, literary or spiritual, or all of the above.