There are places that seem
to expect us:
to take us in like pilgrims
from the way ahead
to tell us suddenly
and without fanfare
of a new beginning
made out of nothing
but the way we got here

A Week in the Hills of Tuscany
September 8 - 15, 2020

From the first evening standing on the threshold of an ancient Etruscan tomb with the light slanting across the stone, imagining centuries of mothers, fathers and children making their lives amongst the olive groves, to the closing night’s celebration under the stars, the week in Italy is a moveable feast both literally and imaginatively; a true celebration of the senses; a shaping of the mind and the body through walking, seeing, listening and tasting.

As with all of David’s tours, you are invited into a circle of friendship that takes you deep into the local culture, whether being introduced by Lori De Mori to the almost reverential relationship to food that runs throughout the Tuscan hills, listening to Dante in the original by an original as dusk settles on the rooftops of Panzano or partaking of a moonlit meal prepared with loving care.

Tuscan culture is about standing in one’s place in the world, choosing what you do and doing it well, no matter how simple the task and no matter how many times it has been done before, finding the note you can hold in the song and the path you make yourself by walking. We will do the same, setting one foot after another through the countryside while contemplating our individual futures, emboldened by David’s poetry and thought, and by food, wine and good company: a good holiday and a necessary pilgrimage in one remarkable experience.

photo by Ivana Natali

photo by Ivana Natali

Cost: $5500. Includes ground transportation to and from Florence, all travel in-country, shared accommodation and all but one or two meals. 

To apply, please download and complete the application form and fitness assessment, below, and send them, together with your letter of application, to Julie Quiring.