Be infinitesimal under that sky, a creature
even the sailing hawk misses, a wraith
among the rocks where the mist parts slowly.
— David Whyte

First, please read the brochure.

What is the diference between the three tours?

All of David's tours follow the same rhythm: Breakfast with other participants (or on your own if you prefer), followed by a talk that sets the tone for the walks, which usually begin after lunch. In addition, each tour has a particular flavor, based on its theme - the celtic imagination and appreciation for music, language and poetry for the Ireland tour, imagining the next step into your life for the Lakes tour and exploring what it means to harvest in Italy. However, the central component in each is David's philosophical talks and poetry, a sense of both reflection and celebration, and daily hikes into the landscape.

What will the weather be like?

Temperatures may fluctuate from 50 - 75 degrees fahrenheit. Rain at some point is inevitable; the only question is its frequency. Wind is the norm. In 2001, we had freakishly warm weather, and I tried to buy sunscreen. The shopkeepers thought I was crazy.

What does our accommodation look like? And the terrain for the walks?

The photo above is a typical cottage. The Burren region is a unique landscape of stark beauty - miles of limestone next to wind and sea. Here are some photos from the Burren National Park.

Where do we go? I want to plan extra time, but I don't want to duplicate the trip

Our time is primarily spent off the beaten track, walking across land you would not discover on your own. Weather permitting, we usually go to Inismore, the westernmost Aran Island, and we may take one trip into Connemara. Otherwise, our time is spent in County Clare. Sometimes you will have a bit of time in Doolin or Galway for a meal and a wander, but aside from these occasional drop ins, our time is spent out of the commercial centers, other than the charming village of Ballyvaughan.

Any ideas for accommodation in Ballyvaughan if I arrive early?

Oceanville B and B
Hylands Burren Hotel

What about if I want to stay near Shannon airport?

Ennis is a busy town about 10km up the road from the airport - great to walk off your jet lag and catch a bit of music.
The Old Ground Hotel is a lovely option. 

Any suggested reading material?

No. If you enjoy reading about places before you go, simply follow your interest, be it geological, historical, literary, or spiritual, or all of the above. 

Suggestions for places to visit in Ireland if you have extra time. 

The Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry, the wilds of Connemara. 
I have heard wonderful things about Kylemore Abbey. 

Still have questions? Email Thomas Crocker.