• Millbrook Resort (map)
  • Malaghans Road
  • Speargrass Flat, Otago, 9371
  • New Zealand


Join David Whyte, Te Ara Experiences, and 35 eclectic fellow travelers for four and a half days of mountain walking, poetry and conversation in the heart of the Southern Alps of New Zealand, centred on the beautifully situated town of Queenstown. The essential goal is to bring together the very personal sense of dedication in our work into a proper relationship with what the world is asking of us at this very crucial threshold in our human history.

Te Ara translates from the Maori as 'pathway', evoking the dynamic of pilgrimage in all cultures. Though none of our individual journeys are the same, we all walk visible and invisible, parallel human paths that help us to understand each other and help us to help each other along the way. Part of the present necessity on the planet is bringing together our individual personal and cultural paths into a common planetary way forward. This will not be achieved through a bland mixng but through a mutually beneficial conversation between the best qualities found in our many different streams of inheritance.

In the Māori culture, in parallel to the old Celtic cultures of Ireland and the British Isles, the tradition is to acknowledge our ancestral origins taken from the mountains, the rivers and from our family geneology in order to create a firm foundation for the always surprising, right future path. Having a firm foundation of our origins puts us into a better relationship both with the present and with the horizon of a future we want for ourselves.

Through the pathways of poetry and David's work; through the auspices of New Zealand's magnificence, we will walk our way into our own sense of belonging, grounding ourselves in the present while beginning to set ourselves a better compass heading for the future.

Please note: This trip has been thoughtfully curated by our Queenstown friend and colleague, Kevin Bouchier, out of his desire to share David’s work in the context of Te Ara and the stunning landscape and rich culture of his home. Please direct questions to Kevin at kevin@tearaexperiences.com