• The Rotunda Hospital (map)
  • 1 Parnell Square East
  • Rotunda, County Dublin
  • Ireland

Living Between the Mythic and the Everyday


Join David Whyte for a evening reading from his recently released book of poetry, The Bell and the Blackbird, looking at the traumas, joy, griefs, surprises, humour and essential conversations all human beings come to experience along the journey through an average day.

This evening will follow David's own parallel journey from the ancient and mythic of his mother's Ireland to the contemporary pilgrim places of Connemara and the Islands of the far Celtic West, from the mist-shrouded moors of his native Yorkshire to the bedsides of those about to take the greatest journey any of us can take into the unknown. Above all, the evening should convey a sense of the extraordinary, the numinous and the suddenly understood in what we inaccurately call the everyday.