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  • North Leigh
  • United Kingdom

Just Beyond Yourself:
Leadership in a Time of Magnified Uncertainty

How do we live and hold a leadership conversation at the calm centre of even the most difficult patterns, rather than being subject to their stormy and often distracting peripheries? This program will be an immersion in this timeless identity, both to face the challenges that confront us in this time, and to shape an identity that can find a way through them.

"We always work with uncertainty no matter the times in which we live, but in these days, we are living through a time of super-uncertainty, magnified by the feverish political climate and the rise of extreme stances and views taken by colleagues, customers and governments alike. A centered, foundational, imaginative identity does not take sides, it is always creating products, services and forward-looking conversations that neither side is offering.”

- David Whyte