• Harry M. Smith Conference Room (map)
  • 414 Mason Street, 8th Floor, Suite 800
  • San Francisco, CA, 94102
  • United States

The Hidden Necessities of Leadership

With David Whyte and Gayle Karen Young

Beneath the high profile visibility of leadership, there are many unspoken dynamics which shape our relationship with others and with our work in the world, especially in these times of magnified change. Leaders often don't realize the way their inner states are projected very quickly through a public leadership role: on to others, or on to the work at hand. This disturbing transparency, often invisible to the person themselves, creates the essential vulnerability in being seen and being responsible as a leader that we are often afraid to confront, consciously or unconsciously.
This will be a morning to look at the parallel and necessary abilities to be mindful of what is mythic, intangible, and relational in the organization and in our selves; to look at what is often unspoken in the way we shape ourselves as leaders, but which arbitrates the way we are seen, understood, respected, valued and eventually, with practice, admired.