• First Unitarian Universalist Church (map)
  • 1187 Franklin Street
  • San Francisco, CA
  • USA


A morning with David Whyte looking closely at practices for cultivating a sense of real physical presence, real conversation and a life that has as much rest, joy, enthusiasm and surprise as it is does grief stress and angst. 

Through David's latest thoughts and work, we will look at the role of the imagination as a very physical faculty of perception - not as the ability to think up new things, but as a central integrative intelligence able to discern the complex patterns that cause stress when we are not living from this center,  but understanding, calmness and right action when we are. Paying attention to this unique intelligence requires courage, and often reveals the internal and external changes that are needed to meet newly understood circumstances. We will look at the way the imagination allows us to create a central leverage point from which to act; one that relies less on engaging the will and more on a way of being in the world that engages a rested, alert intelligence with the courage to simplify, to act and above all, to have a focused life worth living at the centre of all our many endeavors.