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The Disciplines of an Everyday Life

Most of us have talents and qualities that live in isolation from the world, never finding a proper outlet or focus. This can lead to a sense of aimless, endless adaptation, rather than a growing feeling of belonging and generosity. There are ways of building this sense of belonging—disciplines that develop true maturity in a human being.

It’s important to recognize that what we’re looking for is not untrammeled happiness, but rather an evolving conversation that can encompass even the most harrowing losses. Rather than searching for the hidden key to contentment, we can cultivate the ability to make ourselves large enough, brave enough, and generous enough to face the triumphs and difficulties that come to each of us.

Join celebrated writer and teacher David Whyte to explore the cyclical, conversational nature of reality, and the disciplines that can create an identity robust enough to meet its gifts and demands.