• Ashmolean Museum (map)
  • Oxford
  • United Kingdom

The Art & Practice of Deepening Any Conversation

David Whyte brings his unique blend of poetry, philosophy, humour and insight to bear on the art and practice of deepening the conversations we engage in throughout our lives – with our partners, in the difficulties of our work, with our astonishing world and, most especially, in the intimate internal exchanges with that stranger called a self.

A Personal Note from David: Looking forward very much to speaking in my home away from home, my son's birth place and at one of my very favourite institutions in the world: The Ashmolean Museum. It was the world's first real museum as we now know them, and sparkles now in its newly renovated and award winning architectural setting. My talk takes place at the same time as an exhibit on 'Imagining the Divine.' If it is anything like other special events that I have visited at the Ashmolean, I would recommend everyone to come early and tour the exhibit beforehand. Just as temptingly, and only a step outside the door, a city I never tire of, awaits those who care to walk into its splendours. DW