• Asilomar Conference Grounds (map)
  • 800 Asilomar Avenue
  • Pacific Grove, CA, 93950
  • United States

This year we will be joined by Saoirse, (SEER-sha) an a capaella singing duo made up of Charlotte Whyte and Alyssa Woodbury, two young women who grew up on the same island in the Pacific Northwest and have been singing together all their lives. Though currently attending universities in different countries, they bring their voices together as often as time permits, and look forward to joining the celebration at Asilomar.

Saoirse means freedom, liberty, being who you are - a perfect description of their voices and joyous spirits.

Setting Direction for A Future Life

Join David Whyte for our gathering by the pine-scented, wave-washed shores of Monterey Bay at The Asilomar Conference Center, looking at the great questions of human life through creating a more conversational, invitational identity, by going “Just Beyond Ourselves.”

Pacific Grove, California
January 12-14, 2018

4pm Friday - 1pm Sunday

Setting Direction for A Future Life

This weekend event has become an annual New Year touchstone - an opportunity to begin the year with many who have followed David's work for years, as well as to meet new fellow travelers on the path. This year, it will be a time for David to showcase new poetry, as well as to acknowledge and celebrate where we have come from; the difficulty of the times in which we live and the courageous steps we need to take for the future of all our lives, both individual and as a global society.

This is the also the tenth anniversary of the passing of John O’Donohue, an opportunity to celebrate his legacy and for David to work with a number of pieces written for him not only as a close friend and fellow philosopher but for the impact of his going on an enormous world-wide readership.



If you have questions, please contact Thomas Crocker at Many Rivers. 360-221-1324.