• First Covenant Church (map)
  • 400 East Pike Street
  • Seattle, WA, 98122
  • United States

MIDWINTER REFLECTION: The Invisible Foundations of a Human Life

December 10, 2016
10am - 1pm

The Invisible Foundations of a Human Life

With special musical guests, Owen and Micheal O'Suilleabhain

Join poet, author and internationally-acclaimed speaker David Whyte for his annual winter event in Seattle. This session has become a time for David to articulate new thoughts and emerging questions, and showcase new work. With a compelling blend of humor, insight, poetry and storytelling, the morning is an opportunity for both celebration and reflection, mirroring the waning of the light and the deepening of the season. 

David Whyte uses the imagery of poetry - his own and others' - to illuminate philosophical inquiry and articulate, in the largest context possible, what it means to be a human being. He brings his unique perspective to audiences around the world. 


Let the apple ripen
on the branch
beyond your need
to take it down.

Let the coolness
of autumn
and the breathing,
blowing wind
test its adherence
to endurance,
let the others fall.

Wait longer
than you would,
go against yourself,
find the pale nobility
of quiet that ripening
watch with patience
as the silhouette emerges
and the leaves fall,
see it become
a solitary roundness
against a greying sky,
let winter come
and the first
frost threaten,
and then wake
one morning
to see the breath
of winter
has haloed
its redness
with light.

So that a full
two months
after you
should have
taken the apple
you hold it in
your closed hand
at last and bite
into the cool
spread evenly
through every
single atom
of a pale
and yielding
so that you taste
on that cold,
grey day,
not only
the after reward
of a patience

not only
the summer
of a postponed
but the sweet,
inward stillness
of the wait itself.

- David Whyte