Julie Quiring

Julie is a relatively well-adjusted person, considering she was forced to attend sixth grade carrying a gigantic grey lunchbox decorated with shelf paper. The middle daughter of two black sheep, her formative years spanned a quiet neighborhood in Fresno, California, a Quaker commune in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and a tipi at the foot of Mt. Willet in Southeastern British Columbia. In 1978, the B.C. Government paid her $8 twice a week to run up a mountain and read numbers on a stick in the creek, setting the bar very high for all future employment. Time passed and stuff happened. She held jobs, went to Europe, got a really bad perm. More time passed and more stuff happened. She moved to Whidbey Island and gave birth to two wonderful daughters.

March of 2016 marked 25 years working with David and Many Rivers; an astonishing achievement for someone averse to making dentist appointments six months in advance because You Never Know. During that time, she has done everything from vacuum the floor to designing and developing this website. An avid reader and writer, she is currently taking a break from political tomes, prefering to read books that do not make her mad. A Three Dog Life, by Abigail Thomas, The Telling, by Zoe Zolbrod, and Katherine Boo's Behind the Beautiful Forevers have moved, entertained and inspired. And David Sedaris. Always David Sedaris.

Thomas Crocker

Thomas has lived in Seattle since birth, not including four undergraduate years spent in upstate New York. He enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, traveling, reading, and growing vegetables on his apartment balcony. Working as a driver on the 2016 Ireland tour has been a highlight of his time at Many Rivers.

Pauline Elliot

Made in Chile. Born in California. Presently living on Whidbey Island with my darling, beautiful, smart daughter Alohi and my sassy Maltese Ellie Bear. I am a freelance accountant, managing accounts and hand-holding for about 75% of South Whidbey Island, while giving unconditional love and support to my parents, and vice-versa. Have you ever heard of the phrase, "it takes a village?" - well, in my daughter's case, it does.

F. T. Van Riper - "Van"

Van has worked with David and Many Rivers in capacities too wide and varied to enumerate, performing each task with his trademark good nature and intelligent, irreverent humor - overseeing the shipping department, pitching in to sell books and CDs at events and driving a minibus on the Ireland tour, for which he holds the all-time record. In addition, he takes care of David's life while he's away - watering his mother's roses, crafting a picket fence and feeding an uncertain number of fish. He keeps the office well stocked with berries from his garden, cooks a mean halibut dinner and can fix absolutely anything. God only knows where we'd be without him.