Ireland Heading


A Week in the West of Ireland

with David Whyte

June 18-25, 2016

Ireland Group




Join David and 35 intrepid, eclectic travelers for a celebration of Ireland's celtic culture, both traditional and emerging, set on Galway Bay in County Clare; an unforgettable pilgrimage over ancient limestone and windblown shores, gathering at places of special inherited significance in both Irish history and the Irish religious imagination. Wind and tide permitting, we may visit the Aran Islands and bicycle to Dun Aengus at the very edge of the ancient Irish world.

David will introduce people not only to the place and culture, but also to some of his closest friends - people deeply connected to the landscape, and firmly occupying their unique place in the world. You will have the opportunity to hear world-class musicians and experience why County Clare is renowned for carrying the soul of traditional Irish music.

The trip is a unique and intimate experience of Ireland from the inside out, with morning poetry sessions setting the stage for afternoon walking pilgrimages.

For more information, please download the brochure using the link below.

Cost: $3900.

To apply for the trip, please download and complete the application and health & fitness questionnaire and return them, together with your deposit, as per the instructions on the application. If you have questions, please contact Thomas Crocker at 360.221.1324 or via e-mail



Come down drenched, at the end of May,

with the cold rain so far into your bones

that nothing will warm you

except your own walking

and let the sun come out at the day's end

by Slievenaglasha with the rainbows doubling

over Mulloch Mor and see your clothes

steaming in the bright air. Be a provenance

of something gathered, a summation of

previous intuitions, let your vulnerabilities

walking on the cracked sliding limestone

be this time, not a weakness, but a faculty

for understanding what's about

to happen. Stand above the Seven Streams

letting the deep down current surface

around you, then branch and branch

as they do, back into the mountain

and as if you were able for that flow,

say the few necessary words

and walk on, broader and cleansed

for having imagined.

  -- from "River Flow"