Praise for Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity (Riverhead 2001)



"David Whyte's exploration of the meaning of work could not come at a better time. With a poet's sensibility, he lays bare the terror and joy, the loneliness and participation, the connection of our inner and outer worlds - the possibility that good work holds for each of our lives. Keep this beautiful book with you and you will discover, as I have, a still point amid our slightly mad world."

- Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline
and Coauthor of Schools That Learn

"This may be the most consoling piece of writing ever published on the subject of work. Not work as Hobbesian toil, personal achievement, or financial gateway, but work as a life-long expression that can be deeply satisfying and awakening. Crossing the Unknown Sea is like a Grail that reconfers dignity to what has been demeaned by our preoccupation with monetary wealth. I felt calmed by it, restored to the possibility that work can proceed slowly and steadily to meaning and realization."

- Paul Hawken
author of The Ecology of Commerce

"Whatever you do, don't call David Whyte a coporate poet. He is a poet who works in the land of the bottom line. Returning to the world of verse from the land of the bottom line fits with what he tells executives: 'You cannot choose either the artist or the pragmatist inside you. There's a place for both.'"

- The New York Times